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Written by Davey Jenkins   
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 10:21

What is a Back Nondger?

A Nodger is a cheeky little self-massager that hooks around your back and gives all those knots you can't reach a good going over. As soon as you use one, you'll hit a sweet spot and instantly start relaxing as you fall hopelessly in love with Nodging your knots.

With the majority of the population seated at their places of work back pain is a common issue. Sitting for several hours a day will eventually cause pressure on our back muscles. As will those of us who spend most of the day standing using arm movements doubled with back rotation and bending movements.Then add exercise after spending several hours a day working in awkward body positions I'm sure you will have experienced this scenario?

Have you tried reaching round trying to press that hard to press area at the bottom of our backs and or upper back area but not quite reached "that area"?

This superb self massager helps by making those hard to reach areas accessible.Rib Angles which are just under the inside edge of the shoulder blades as seen in the picture above are one of the most common areas we treat for tightness , pain or that "just not right" feeling. 

The design is simple with curved Nodger head that allows you to "feel" or locate the problem area and the robust steel shaft allows you to apply as much pressure as you feel necessary to "Nodge" that area.It has a strong soft comfortable grip to ensure no slipping of hands when applying pressure and the base / tail of the Nodger allows you to apply direct pressure to those easy to reach areas such as the thigh , arm or calf.

Who is it For?

As mentioned earlier we all probably experience back pain at one level or another some people unfortunately on a day to day basis.If you are reading this then I'm sure The Nodger is for you. Have it at your place of work, kit bag for the gym or on the kitchen table at home. One thing we can guarantee is that once someone tries it for the first time they will want your Nodger!

WARNING: Nodging your knots is highly addictive.

"The Back Nodger is a great tool in the fight against poor tissue quality. It's easy to use and very convenient to play with when sitting around. As someone who gets a lot of rhomboid and rotator cuff problems I haven't really put it down."

Paul McVeigh

Pro MMA Fighter

Head Coach DNFT , Griphouse Glasgow

The Back Nodger is available to try at our Glasgow and Stirling treatment rooms.


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