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Written by Davey Jenkins   
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 00:00

Saturday and Sunday ( Weekend ) Sports Therapy , Kinesiology , Sports Massage and Physiotherapy Appointments Glasgow.

At Sports Therapy Scotland we have offered Saturday appointments for the last year or so and due to demand we will be offering Sunday appointments  from Sunday 8th March. These weekend appointments will be available every Saturday and Sunday at Sports the Therapy Scotland Glasgow Clinic . Appointment treatments include,- Sports Therapy, Kinesiology, Sports Massage and Physiotherapy. 

All Therapists who will be treating clients are BSc(Hons) and MSc qualified with years of experience in recreational sport , professional sport and of course in the Hospital / Medical environment.

The appointments as by appointment and can be booked via calling 07966570733 or emailing here CONTACT US

Sessions are - £30 - 30 minutes or £40 - 45 minutes.

Please state session required when getting in touch.

Thank You

STS Team


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Back Pain

The Sports Therapy Scotland
team is trained to carry out
your doctor's orders to stretch,
strengthen, and exercise
back in a safe and effective way.

Injury Assessment

This specialist service offers
patients expert assessment
and treatment
of specific
sports injuries. 

Whether acute or chronic, the
treatment and advice on offer
will not only target your current
injury, but will also focus on

Injury Rehabilitation

Early recovery and active
rehabilitation is provided by
our experienced sports injury

Sciatica Treatment

As with acute sciatica, if you
have chronic sciatica you should
try to remain as physically active
as possible as this will reduce
the severity of your symptoms.