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2 Day , 20 Hours Functional Integrated Dry Needling Course FIDN - Module  1 Glasgow Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th March 2018

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Limited Candidate places to ensure full practical and experiential learning with Dr Mihir Somaiya.

Whats different about Functional Integrated Dry Needling to "Normal" Dry Needling?

  • Normally dry needling is done on trigger points but what if there are no trigger points? 
  • Hence FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATED DRY NEEDLING is a new phenomenon which is done on not only trigger points but tender points.
  • FIDN also follows the peripheral nerves and therefore the flow of the pain pathways.
  • Intra discal needling and the stimulation of the cartilage /menisci of the knee will be demonstrated and taught. 
  • For more details see the course itinerary below.

Who Can Attend? Entry Requirements.

The course is open to Sports Massage Therapists, Remedial Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, McTimony Chiropractors, Osteomyologists, Homeopaths, Shiatsu practitioners and Manual therapists. It is also recommended for General Practitioners, Chiropractors and Osteopaths for CPD. 

Therapists must be qualified and have a good working knowledge of surface anatomy, palpation skills, physiology and basic pathology. 

Course Tutor

Functional Integrated Dry Needling Course FIDN - Level 1 Throughout the UK and Europe.

Taught by FIDN foundr -  Dr Mihir Somaiya of the Asia Health CareCenter, Mumbai, India. 

These 20 hours courses consist of a minimum 4 hours study via manual before attending the course.Then a practical 2 Days,16 hours taught by Dr Mihir .

On Completion of the course Balens Insurance Can offer both a top-up policy to your current policy or provide full cover including the use of Functional Integrated Dry Needling to your current practice.



As we all know that unless required nobody in the world want to go for surgery or on medications as far as musculoskeletal pain is considered.

According to the statistics by WHO (2015-2016) an approximate of 82% people opted out not to go for surgery for spine and 76% not to go for knee replacement surgery.
The following treatment ensures and helps in avoidance of surgery for various conditions references and researched papers.




ü Functional Integrated Dry Needling for Pain management and Functional Rehabilitation is a neurophysiological evidence based treatment which is based on the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the human body unlike acupuncture which is based on meridians as per the old Chinese technique.

ü The needling is performed on the trigger points, tender points, the pain pathways(modulation of PNS to CNS) which then are responsible for the proper conduction to the muscles, which is responsible for core pain management and functional rehabilitation(Pain is the means by which the Peripheral nervous system (PNS) warns the central nervous system (CNS) of injury or potential injury to the body).

ü The course is developed by evidence based practice as well as references from the earlier studies.

ü The functional dry needling training can help in providing the healthcare professionals as a great tool to serve their patients and clients with great result in conjunction to their therapeutic modalities.

ü Functional integrated dry needling course also helps delegates in developing adequate knowledge in diagnosis and proper evaluation of various conditions and how to safely needle them.

ü Delegates will develop skills to not only give treatment or needling for pain management but also restoring their functional abilities and restricted movements.

ü Delegates will be having enough practical sessions so as to get hands on needles and also to maintain OSHA standards and guidelines of safe needling and avoid any adverse effects.



Module 1


 Functional Integrated Dry Needling is a two day course and has a total credit or CEU’s of 20 HRS which consists of 4 HRS Pre Reading and 16 HRS of practical lab session.


Day 1 - Morning 9 am to 12 noon


What is dry needling?



Different Models of dry needling

Introduction to pain

What is functional dry needling?

How does it act?

(1) Nerve Flow Stimulation.

(2) Antidode Mechanisms.

(3) Stimulation of the pain gate mechanism & nociceptive fibers.

(4) Cartilage stimulation

Indications of dry needling

Effects of Functional dry needling

(1) Analgesic effects

(2) Biochemical Modulation

(3) Mechanical Effects.

Adverse effects of dry needling

Limitations of dry needling


Ø 12 noon to 1pm




Ø 1 pm to 3 pm


Understanding needles.

Handling needles.

Self practice needling.

Directions of insertion/ basic insertion techniques.

Maintaining posture of the patients during needling and safety.

Introduction to the concept of Functional integrated approach & the concept of pain which is a way by which the Peripheral nervous system (PNS) warns the central nervous system (CNS) of injury or potential injury to the body needling concept which is based Neuro physiological effects is explained in detail.

How to use dry needles, various sizes of needles and its importance

Handling of the needles by maintaining atmost safety, direction of the needle, manipulation of the needle after insertion.

Procedure/hygiene/consent for from the patient/ proper disposing of the needles.


Ø 3pm to 3.30pm


Tea Break

Ø 3.30pm to 5.30pm


The functional integrated approach of needling of the following muscles, bands and tendons & its functional areas of the lower limb will be explained in detail with the practical sessions:

ü Gluteus Maximus.

ü Iliotibial Band. (TFL)

ü Popliteus.

ü Gastrosoleus.

ü Tibialis anterior

ü Adductor Hallucis

ü Extensor Hallucis brevis.

ü Flexor Hallucis brevis.


Ø 5.30pm to 6pm


Revision and questions

Day 2

Ø 9 am to 12noon


The functional integrated approach of needling of the following muscles, bands and tendons & its functional areas of the face, upper limb & trunk lower limb will be explained in detail with the practical sessions:.

ü Semi Spinalis Capitis.

ü Sternocledomastoid

ü Upper trapezius.

ü Frontalis.

ü Rhizoris.

ü Pectoralis major.


Ø 12pm to 1pm



Ø 1pm to 2pm


ü Supra spinatous.

ü Infra spinatous.

ü Biceps

ü Triceps

ü Brachio radialis.


ü Extensor pollicis longus.


2pm to 4pm


The needling of the following Conditions or deformities & its functional points as well as symptomatic points will be explained in detail with the practical sessions:

ü Migraine.

ü Sciatica.

ü Osteoarthritis.


Ø 4pm to 4.30pm


Tea Break

Ø 4.30pm to 5.30pm


 Exam (Theory & Practical)


Certificate Presentation and discussion on requirements on progression to the FIDN Level 2 course.

Functional Integrated Dry needling Course FIDN - Module 1 , Glasgow 26th & 27th March 2018 

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