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8 Hours Functional Integrated Cupping Therapy for Pain Management & Sports Rehabilitation 8 hour Courses.  Thursday 17th May 2018 Glasgow


The £175.00 Course investment includes a 18 piece Cupping kit to take away and start practicing immediately. 

The Functional Integrated Cupping Therapy (FICT) is based on the ancient history and application of old Chinese medicine. FICT reviews the history of vacuum therapies, its application for the treatment of various diseases and ailments. 

As an adjunct therapy to various medical and non-medical professionals. Delegates will learn how to examine a client and to apply negative pressure with the use of glass cups. Cupping may alleviate pain, may decrease swelling, may increase range of motion in joints all of which can assist the healing process.  

By creating negative pressure above the surface of the tissues, we allow the surface tissue to be lifted upwards and changing the pressure on underlying tissues, such as nerves, capillaries and fascia. 

Who can attend? Manual therapists (Treatment Massage, Sports Massage, Structural Integration, Remedial Therapists (Physical therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths), Movement Therapists (Yoga, Pilates, Somatic Therapists, Athletic Trainers), Acupuncturists, Detoxification Specialist, Occupational Therapists, Naturopathic Physicians, Nurses, Doctors.

Functional Integrated Cupping Therapy for Pain Management & Sports Rehabilitation 8 hour Courses. Thursday 17th May 2018 Glasgow


Back Pain

The Sports Therapy Scotland
team is trained to carry out
your doctor's orders to stretch,
strengthen, and exercise
back in a safe and effective way.

Injury Assessment

This specialist service offers
patients expert assessment
and treatment
of specific
sports injuries. 

Whether acute or chronic, the
treatment and advice on offer
will not only target your current
injury, but will also focus on

Injury Rehabilitation

Early recovery and active
rehabilitation is provided by
our experienced sports injury

Sciatica Treatment

As with acute sciatica, if you
have chronic sciatica you should
try to remain as physically active
as possible as this will reduce
the severity of your symptoms.