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Sports Therapy Scotland can supply qualified experienced therapists to assist with your event. All Sports Therapy Scotland staff are Professionally qualified and first aid trained with a wealth of experience.

Sports therapy Scotland has in the past supplied Therapists to Festivals such as "T In The Park" and Scotland's Strongest Man.

If you would like to discuss this service please get in touch with Sports Therapy Scotland.


Back Pain

The Sports Therapy Scotland
team is trained to carry out
your doctor's orders to stretch,
strengthen, and exercise
back in a safe and effective way.

Injury Assessment

This specialist service offers
patients expert assessment
and treatment
of specific
sports injuries. 

Whether acute or chronic, the
treatment and advice on offer
will not only target your current
injury, but will also focus on

Injury Rehabilitation

Early recovery and active
rehabilitation is provided by
our experienced sports injury

Sciatica Treatment

As with acute sciatica, if you
have chronic sciatica you should
try to remain as physically active
as possible as this will reduce
the severity of your symptoms.