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A specific rehabilitation program is designed for every different medical condition. Certain clients only make use of a hydrotherapy program for a limited period of time, while others with more serious conditions utilize the sessions religiously. Hydrotherapy can  fill the gap when weight bearing is a problem for the client . A well qualified therapist works closely with the client to create a safe and functional exercise program. Sports Therapy Scotland can provide hydrotherapy programmes to work along side the clients other rehabilitation program. The programs are designed to assist in activities of daily living It is very obvious that every special medical condition has to be treated on a personal basis.

Progressive Hydrotherapy Exercise

The hydrotherapy environment allows for numerous progressions of exercise using the conventional method. An exercise can be progressed by working through the stages of buoyancy - assisted, neutral, and resisted. In each of these positions the following can be used:

1. Speed of the movement. In a buoyancy-assisted situation the limb is moved slower than buoyancy to make the exercise harder; for a buoyancy resisted position the limb is moved quicker through the water to increase difficulty.
2. Lever length. In a buoyancy assisted situation, the shorter the lever length, the harder the exercise, while in a buoyancy

Gait Re-education
Patients suffering from spinal pain and lower limb complaints will require some form of gait re-education. The warmth of the water and the support given in the upright position allows the patient a longer reaction time to correct their gait pattern. This is ideal in patients who can progress from non-weight-bearing through to full weight bearing by altering the depth of the water in which they are standing. A patient who is partially weight bearing (10%) i.e. with crutches and is able to immerse to C7 level (8% weight bearing) and practice a proper heel strike/push
off in the water. This is extremely difficult for the patient to do on land. Experts have determined the weight-bearing levels to be assigned at different depths of immersion with both the patient stationary and walking.

Ideally gait re-education is done on a flat surface in the Hydrotherapy tub. On a sloped-bottomed pool consideration must be given to the effect on the gait pattern especially if there is a leg length discrepancy.

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