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Welcome to Andy Tsang one of Scotlands' top strength and conditioning coaches and also a sports and remedial massage therapist who joins the Sports Therapy Scotland team.

Andy will be doing our Sports Massage on Saturday Mornings in the Glasgow Clinic and is available for PT and strength and conditioning consultancy. Get in touch for details.

Some information below on Andy's vast experience.

Varsity Gym ltd – Company Director/Strength and Conditioning Coach

October 2007 - present day

Established Varsity Gym Ltd, a private strength and conditioning facility within the UK.

Implemented strategies and systems for all operative aspects of running a business.

Helped to create a strong brand using various forms of marketing, social media, SEO and advertising.

Brought international speakers and fitness presenters from the industry to deliver current strength and conditioning topics and promote Varsity brand

Hosted national and international competitions for British Drug Free Powerlifting and Weightlifting Scotland

Took on internships to help improve the practical capabilities of college/university grad-uates with the goal of eventual employment

Delegated and designed target driven systems for staff, which improved productivity of staff.

Taught seminars and wrote articles which educated general public and fellow professionals on the application of exercise science 

Delivered strength and conditioning to athletes ranging from amateur to professional level

Personal trained and group coached up to 50 hours a week.

Managing and assisting in the formulation and delivery of injury prevention programs and collaborating with physiotherapists and other coaches to develop a multidisciplinary approach.

Monitoring, tracking data and maintaining a database of work conducted with all clients and providing reports to sports coaches.

Glasgow City Barbell – Assistant Weightlifting Coach

July 2010 – present day

Programming and coaching with head coaches to club members ranging from junior to international standard

Helping athletes at competition and assisting with warm ups and coaching

Sci – Mx Nutrition – Nutrition and Training Advisor 

August 2009 – Jan 2012

Provided nutrition and training advice to the public for stores in Scotland and North-east England.

Provide staff training on supplements and Sci-mx products.

Promoting the Sci-mx brand, creating brand awareness and educating the general public on sports nutrition.

Providing advice and training for fellow team members on strength and conditioning and liaising with other training and nutrition advisors.

Strathclyde Football Team – Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist

July 2009 – November 2009

Provided sports massage and deep tissue work for 4 football teams

Provided corrective exercise and late stage rehabilitation for players.

Assisted with assessments in performance enhancement using sports science and movement screens.

Designed programs and assisted in training protocols for the teams.

Helped to provide strength and conditioning sessions and warm-ups for the players along with the coaches.

Virgin Active – Personal trainer

Jan 2007 – September 2007

Used Kinetic chain and postural assessments, strength and conditioning, nutrition and standard health checks to produce efficient results.

Delivered rehabilitation as one of my services to clients using extensive knowledge in strength and conditioning and sports massage therapy.

Delivered safe and effective personal training sessions and exceed targets.

Record keeping according to standard operating procedures.

Providing customer service to members.


09/14 - Currently obtaining MSc Pg Dip in Strength and Conditioning from St Mary’s Uni-versity Twickenham (2016 expected finish)

12/13- BWLA level 1 Weightlifting Coach

10/13 - Accredited Strength and Conditioning coach by UKSCA

07/09 - Premier International Reps Level 4 Management of low back pain

03/08 - Westside Barbell Special Strength Certified (first in Scotland to be accredited and featured on their website)

08/07 - Premier International master trainer personal training diploma

10/06 - Premier International REPS level 3 Fitness Trainer

10/06 - Premier International Reps level 2 Fitness Instructor

10/06 - Premier International Certified Nutrition Advisor

10/06 - Premier International Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy Certified


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