Aesthetic Cryotherapy



Facial Cryotherapy being applied to STS owner Dave Jenkins – Click Link to watch video

Cryotherapy and Dry Needling – Rejuvenating Facial Aesthetic Skin Treatments

Cryotherapy is only available in Scotland at Sports Therapy Scotland.

Here at Sports Therapy Scotland, our Cryotherapy CO2 treatments and Dry Needling / Acupuncture are a popular modalities in the recovery of acute injuries as well as the management of chronic conditions.

However, cryotherapy and Dry Needling has recently become more popular for aesthetics. Have a read at this information and get yourself booked in and see the benefits for yourself! Who wouldn’t want to rediscover that youthful glow?

What is Cryotherapy Facial Treatment?

Cryotherapy is an innovative treatment technique where the area is briefly exposed to a very cold temperature (-78 degrees).

The Cryo Facial treatment has similar methodology, but targets the specific muscles surrounding the face, neck and shoulders.

Liquid carbon dioxide is recovered from a variety of sources such as ammonia and hydrogen plants, purified and liquefied, so you know you are not putting any harsh chemicals on your face.

Following the application of the Cryotherapy gas we apply Cryotherapy Massage using the coldest massage tool on the planet.

The massage head cools to around -40 degrees centigrade and is applied to the skin via medical grade teflon head – see video. These treatments feel absolutely incredible and have amazing effects on your skin.

How does the Cryotherapy Facial Treatment work?

Albeit a tad chilly, the treatment is pain free and non-invasive. Your skin will be rapidly cooled to -78 degrees using a 50 bar pressure carbon dioxide gas treatment, with the effects starting in under 30 seconds. This reaches the perfect ‘thermal shock’ effect, changing the blood supply to the facial skin to flush out toxins and impurities.

There will be more oxygen within the facial tissues so your skin will tighten, collagen production will increase and your skin will be left feeling rejuvenated and feeling sensational, just in time for all the Christmas festivities!

How does the Cosmetic Dry Needling Facial Work?

Facial Acupuncture, aesthetic dry needling for skin care.

Unlike other procedures, facial acupuncture works from the inside out to give you a healthy, radiant glow by improving skin tone and texture naturally.

Benefits of cosmetic acupuncture include increased collagen production, creation of new skin cells, improved circulation, tighter muscle tone and enhanced radiance.

Like Botox and fillers, cosmetic acupuncture aims to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as dealing with the underlying causes of these facial blemishes.

Acupuncture specifically addresses the primary factor for premature ageing, namely the reduction in collagen production.

Cosmetic acupuncture stimulates the production of collagen by painlessly inserting fine needles into specific trigger points on the face, neck and head to promote circulation and increase the volume of elastin.

It also improves local blood supply to the face which reduces the appearance if fine lines and creates better muscle tone, tighter pores and healthier facial colour.

Effects and Benefits of Cryotherapy and Dry Needling Facial Treatment

Firm and radiant skin

Calms down pigmentation and scarred skin

Reignites tired looking skin

Reduces inflammation and aggravated areas such as eczema

Reduces harsh lines and wrinkles, stimulating the skin’s elasticity


It really is Ideal for using as part of your skin maintenance regimen or in the run up to an important event such as a wedding so your skin is in the best condition possible.

Difference in 10 sessions of facial acupuncture and cryotherapy

What To Expect During your session?

Our 30 minute appointment includes Cryo Facial, Cryo Facial Massage, and Optional Facial Needling. A short neck massage can be applied instead of the facial needling. However we recommend doing the full aesthetic treatment including needling.

We suggest 2 appointments per week for 3 weeks and then 1 appointment per week for 4 weeks (10 sessions over 7 weeks) you would notice the best results.

You will probably notice the difference after 2 sessions as most of our clients do. Maintenance sessions can be done every week or two weeks following this initial 7 week block.

The cost is £75 per single session or

5 x sessions for £320 saving £55

10 x sessions for £600 saving £150 of the advertised single session price.

Email us or Call 0141 334 1223 for more information