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Sports Massage

Sports Injury Massage Therapy consists of a combination of soft tissue manipulation techniques, which can be used to help improve performance and optimise recovery following training or competition.

All Sports Therapy Scotland therapists are skilled and experienced in Sports Massage Therapy and qualified to Degree level at least.

Remedial massage uses deep massage and mobilisation techniques effectively to achieve specific goals.

These methods are used as a combined therapy in order to achieve a variety of results, which are beneficial to anyone, not just the sports performer.

As part of your initial appointment, you will be asked about your weekly routine, any current aches and pains and what you wish to gain from this massage therapy.

Single or multiple sessions are available

Cryotherapy Included

Free Cryotherapy Massage with each Sports Massage at Sports Therapy Scotland.

What is Cryotherapy?

In simple terms, it is a ‘cold therapy’. Cryotherapy is now a widely used treatment method to help combat and relieve the intense pain and swelling associated with tendon, ligament and muscular injury.

However, it is not only limited to treating these conditions and can be used as an effective prehab treatment to help you to continue to perform.

Benefits of Cryotherapy*

R+R+R = Optimal Performance

Reduce Swelling
Relieve Pain
Recover Faster
Allowing for Optimal Performance

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Single or multiple sessions are available

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Deep Tissue Sports Massage
60 Minutes

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